Apply for Membership

After one year in operation as a Tour Operator licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, companies are eligible to make a formal application, in writing, requesting to join the Association.

Upon payment of Ksh. 1,000 application fees (non refundable), Applicants are then furnished with a Membership Application form, two Recommender Questionnaires and a "Notice of Categorization" which confirms your annual Gross turnover. These documents are to be returned to the Secretariat duly filled and your Categorization form duly certified by your Auditor.

In addition to the documents, you will be required to attach the following to enable us assess your application: -

  • A copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • A copy of your current and previous Ministry of Tourism License
  • Copies of your promotional materials (brochures or website).

Please note that while filling in the Application Form, you are required to indicate the names in FULL and enclose copies of testimonials/certificates for your senior staff with experience in tourism.

Membership Fees:-

1. All new members join in the Associate Category for a minimum of one year. The annual fee is Kshs: 11,600. After one year members are upgraded to any of the five Full Membership categories and this depends on turnover as follows: -

  • Category E - Gross Annual Turnover not exceeding Kshs 10 Million
  • Category D - Gross Annual Turnover of exceeding Kshs 10 Million but below Kshs 40 Million
  • Category C - Gross Annual Turnover of exceeding Kshs 40 Million but below Kshs 80 Million
  • Category B - Gross Annual Turnover of exceeding Kshs 80 Million but below Kshs 120 Million
  • Category A - Gross Annual Turnover exceeding Kshs 120 Million

2. Affiliate Membership is for local companies or individuals whose membership of KATO is of benefit to the Association. The fees are Kshs: 18,200/=