Consumer Protection

Should you feel that your tour with a KATO member has not been carried out as per the agreed terms and conditions, you are entitled to lodge a complaint in writing to the Ethics and Standards Sub-Committee.

The following information will be necessary in order to properly assess your complaint:

Type of Complaint

State the nature of the complaint e.g. claim for refund for services not rendered, or claim for compensation etc

Details of the Complaint

In numbered point form, enumerate the precise details of your complaint and attach any documents that you will rely on to establish the facts of your case.

As far as possible, raise each different issue complained about in a separate numbered paragraph and be as precise as possible. KATO's intervention is usually "Documents Only" and judgment or decisions by the Ethics Committee will largely be based on the facts presented.


  • Details of the contract
  • Copy of the final Itinerary
  • Payments details (receipts)
  • Relevant email correspondence
  • Any other relevant supporting material.

Relief being sought

State the exact nature of the compensation being sought from the member complained about. If this is monetary, state how the amount has been calculated and the currency. If it is a percentage of the package cost, state the percentage requested for has been determined. If no specific compensation has been requested for, the Committee may award what it deems fit or ask you to quantify your claim.


  • Workings of how the compensation being sought was arrived at.

Additional Information

Any other information that may help the Committee to arrive at an informed decision. The mediation process is usually confined to written documents only, which may include emails. please note that your claim (and all correspondence) will have to be forwarded to the Member to respond to the claim.

All correspondence should be forwarded to:

The Chief Executive

Kenya Association of Tour Operators