Frequently Asked Questions

KATO stands for the Kenya Association of Tour Operators, which is an organisation comprising of the leading and most experienced tour operators in Kenya licensed by the Government of Kenya.
After one (1) year of operation as a Tour Operator, you may make a formal application in writing requesting to join KATO. Subsequent to this you will be furnished with a Membership Application form, two Questionnaires and a Notice of Categorisation. These documents are to be returned to the Secretariat duly filled and your Categorisation form certified by your Auditors. In addition, you will also be required to attach copies of your current Certificate of Incorporation, Ministry of Tourism License and any promotional materials/brochures that may enable us assess your application.
KATO is an umbrella body comprising the most experienced Tour Operators in Kenya and is the best source of information for tourist related matters. We also help promote Kenya as a prime destination locally and abroad. KATO Members are bound by a Code of Conduct that ensures that they uphold the business ethics of the Travel Profession and requires that they trade honestly. Visitors to Kenya are advised to arrange their holidays through KATO Members who are listed on our website. KATO Members enjoy the latest tourist information disseminated to them periodically through the Newsletters, e-mail circulars and sometimes through media. Communication from the Government is disseminated to KATO and NOT TO INDIVIDUAL OPERATORS. This information is then availed to the Members. KATO also holds General Meetings periodically where key persons from Tourism Bodies, Government and the Private Sector are invited to address the membership on matters related to tourism. We normally vouch for our member's reputation when requested for a reference by tourists. The Ethics & Standards Sub-Committee is set-up to oversee member discipline and ensure that members abide by the Association's Code of Conduct.
You may contact any of our members listed on our website
Kenya tends to be quite secure for tourists especially within the tourist circuits. You do however need to observe the basic precautions i.e. avoid walking in dark/isolated areas at night, do not wear flashy jewellery, avoid carrying valuables around, etc.